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Closed double-crank precision steel frame press 160~600 TONS

Performance feature
  • With high rigidity rack design, they are welded with the use of high-quality steel plates, through relieving of internal stresses, so that stability and reliability of the whole machine in precision are enhanced.
  • Machine adopts high-alloy-steel, two-bent-axle, and two-wide work center, to optimize design.
  • In order to guarantee relative stationarity of machine operation, it is necessary to balance two balancers.
  • Moulding-adjustment precision is as high as 0.1 mm, safe, speedy, and reliable.
  • Through hard oxidation and grinding,such parts as bent axles, gear sets, and connecting rods possess higher combination property and tolerance.
  • Adopt highly sensitive and reliable clutch/brake and internationally top duplex magnetic valve, as well as overload protection devices, to guarantee precision and safety for operation and stop of press rams.
  • Machine’s structural design shall be reasonable, for the convenience of realizing automatic production, reducing cost, and improving eciency.
  • Possess advanced design convepts, low noise, low consumption, and energy saving.